Lab Members

Colin McLaren, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dillon Collett
MSc Candidate

Justin Sackaney
MEd Candidate

Kieran Peltier
MSc Candidate

Kaylee Flynn
MSc Candidate

Mohammad Hadi
MSc Candidate

Cameron Branch
MSc Candidate

Mathieu Simard
MEd Candidate

Achuthan Shanmugaratnam
Undergraduate Honours Student

Previous Trainees


Jordan Herbison
PhD Dissertation: Understanding the Complexity and Nuance of Social Identity in Youth Sport Using Novel Ecological Momentary Assessment Methods


Rachel Van Woezik
Masters Thesis: Real versus Ideal: Toward a Deeper Understanding of How Coaches Gain Knowledge


Jordan Sutcliffe
Masters Thesis: Investigating the Relations Between Personal and Social Identity on Youth Sport Parent Behaviour

Alisha Laciak
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Sampling and Specializing in Youth Sport: Exploring Social Identities and Developmental Experiences


Rachel Van Woezik    
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Next one up! Exploring How Coaches Manage Team Dynamics Following Injury

Jordan Cascagnette   
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Group Dynamics in an Elite Nordic Ski Team


Alex Benson  
Post-Doctoral Fellow: Socialization Processes in Youth Sport

Laura McKenzie
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: The Innuendo Effect: Athletes’ Perception of Prospective Coaches

Lauren Taylor
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Socialization Processes in Cross-Fit


Matthew Vierimaa    
PhD Dissertation: The Influence of Peer Relationships on Positive Youth Development in Recreational Sport

Matthew McGuckin
Masters Thesis: Youth Sport Coaches’ Reflections on Leadership Behaviours During Games and Practices


Zach Root
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Investigating Social Identity and Hormone Response in Combative Sports Athletes

Brogan Bailey
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Organizational Culture in CrossFit


Chris Forrest  
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Evaluating Social Media as a Platform for the Implementation of a Team Building Protocol

Matt McGuckin      
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Social Influences on Return to Sport Following a Concussion in Female Amateur Ice Hockey Players

Kelsea Stewart     
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Examining the Efficacy of Team Building Using a Challenge Ropes Course in Youth Sport


Dillon Richardson   
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Social Identity and Group Norms in Junior Nordic Skiers


Mike Penney 
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Group Norms in Youth Sport: Role of Group Size and Sport Type