Lab Members

Jordan Herbison
PhD Student

Kieran Peltier
MSc Candidate

Colin McLaren
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dillon Collett
MSc Candidate

Rachel Van Woezik
MSc Candidate, Lab Coordinator

Cameron Branch
MSc Candidate

Previous Trainees


Jordan Sutcliffe
Masters Thesis: Investigating the Relations Between Personal and Social Identity on Youth Sport Parent Behaviour

Alisha Laciak
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Sampling and Specializing in Youth Sport: Exploring Social Identities and Developmental Experiences


Rachel Van Woezik    
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Next one up! Exploring How Coaches Manage Team Dynamics Following Injury

Jordan Cascagnette   
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Group Dynamics in an Elite Nordic Ski Team


Alex Benson  
Post-Doctoral Fellow: Socialization Processes in Youth Sport

Laura McKenzie
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: The Innuendo Effect: Athletes’ Perception of Prospective Coaches

Lauren Taylor
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Socialization Processes in Cross-Fit


Matthew Vierimaa    
PhD Dissertation: The Influence of Peer Relationships on Positive Youth Development in Recreational Sport

Matthew McGuckin
Masters Thesis: Youth Sport Coaches’ Reflections on Leadership Behaviours During Games and Practices


Zach Root
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Investigating Social Identity and Hormone Response in Combative Sports Athletes

Brogan Bailey
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Organizational Culture in CrossFit


Chris Forrest  
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Evaluating Social Media as a Platform for the Implementation of a Team Building Protocol

Matt McGuckin      
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Social Influences on Return to Sport Following a Concussion in Female Amateur Ice Hockey Players

Kelsea Stewart     
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Examining the Efficacy of Team Building Using a Challenge Ropes Course in Youth Sport


Dillon Richardson   
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Social Identity and Group Norms in Junior Nordic Skiers


Mike Penney 
Undergraduate Honours Thesis: Group Norms in Youth Sport: Role of Group Size and Sport Type